Saturday, 13 July 2013

Photo:Exploding Samsung-Galaxy Phone Burns Teenager’s Lap

A Swiss teenager suffered second and third degree burns when her smartphone apparently exploded in her pocket.
Exploding Samsung-Galaxy Phone Burns Teenager 1

Fanny Schlatter, 18, was injured when the Samsung Galaxy S3 allegedly blew up in her trouser pocket.
She claims to have been left with no feeling in her right thigh and said she will be launching a criminal complaint against Samsung.
French language paper Le Matin reported that Ms Schlatter was working as an painting apprentice when she heard a large bang.
Exploding Samsung-Galaxy Phone Burns Teenager 2

She told the paper: ‘All of a sudden I heard the sound of an explosion – like a firecracker.
‘Then I noticed a strange chemical smell and my work trousers began to catch fire.’
Exploding Samsung-Galaxy Phone Burns Teenager 3

By the time Ms Schlatter’s boss, Stephane Kubler, had come to her assistance, the flames had reached her shoulders.
She was rushed into the nearest bathroom where colleagues doused the flames before driving her to hospital.
Exploding Samsung-Galaxy Phone Burns Teenager 4

Ms Schlatter explained: ‘Luckily my hair was tied up and my sweater didn’t have time to catch fire.’
However, she added that her burns were severe enough to make her smell like a ‘burnt pig’.
Exploding Samsung-Galaxy Phone Burns Teenager 5

The burns have left Ms Schlatter with no feeling in her right thigh and the teenager has been signed off work until 15 August.
She now plans to file a legal complaint against the Korean phone maker.
Exploding Samsung-Galaxy Phone Burns Teenager 6

In a statement, a Samsung spokesperson told the MailOnline: ‘Once we have gotten hold of the product in question, we will conduct a thorough examination to determine the exact cause of this incident.
‘We would like to assure our customers that we have always employed strict quality control and safety standards to ensure a safe and pleasant user experience.’
Exploding Samsung-Galaxy Phone Burns Teenager 7

This is not the first time a Samsung Galaxy S3 battery has supposedly exploded.
In May this year, Reddit user Vizionx1208 posted pictures of his destroyed Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, claiming he was ‘awoken by a loud noise and a weird squeaking sound.’
He states the phone was on the verge of setting alight and his bedroom had filled with smoke and had a ‘pungent smell.’
He was able to put out the smouldering phone by chucking a glass of water over it but the phone had already burnt his mattress cover and left a small burn on his finger.
Last year, an Irish Samsung S3 owner claimed his handset burst into flames as he was driving his car.
However, it was later discovered, following tests by the Fire Investigations UK (FIUK) team, that the phone had been previously placed in the microwave to remove water damage and this may have been the cause of the fire.
It isn’t just the S3 model that has this supposed fault either. 

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